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BLC 12
7 Feb 2013 7:39 PM 90 Respondents
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By John Doe
St. Paul's Collegiate
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Is School Pride a virtue or a vice?

Virtually every school has an inspiring motto (often in Latin), meant to set it apart from others. Most schools have distinctive uniforms, signifying belonging to that one school rather than all schools.

Many schools actively try to foster School Pride through chapel and assembly, and by celebrating student achievement. This is meant to create a sense of belonging and identification with the school's values.

Even within schools, many schools have 'houses' and similar systems, encouraging pride in a specific part of the school.

Is this the way things should be? Is it right and noble to have pride in your school above all other schools?

Or can you have too much pride? Is promoting School Pride in some ways counter-productive? Does it perhaps create a sense of tribe against tribe? And is this a good message for later life?

Overall, do you think it is better to be proud or humble?
How proud are you of your school?
If you went to a different school and had never heard of your school, would you be equally be proud of that school?
Which of these are good things about pride?