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Getting to know the Values Exchange Community


How do I use the Values Exchange Community?

The Values Exchange Community is for deep thinking and constructive debate. It helps us understand each other, solve conflicts and overcome misunderstanding.

The Values Exchange Community gives everyone a real say about issues that matter. Search then respond to issues you find interesting. Or create your own: social, personal, work and beyond. Seek advice just from your friends, or open your issue to the world. You choose.

Why do I have to register?

Currently the Values Exchange community is a closed network, so you need to confirm you are from a licence-owning institution. You add some basic details about yourself as you register.

How do I respond to an issue?

Each site has a mosaic filled with issues presented in Case, Survey, Poll or Forum format. Once you have created an account, you can begin responding to the issues.

What’s a Case?

A Case is the most powerful way to get advice and see what other people suggest. Cases use the Think Screen to help everyone focus as deeply as possible. Responding to a Case, or setting one up, gets you the most ranking points.

What’s a Survey?

A survey allows you to ask your own questions – as few or as many as you like. Set up is a breeze; you can open the survey to as many or as few people as you like. The results are immediate and available to all who responded. At least as good as the very best professional survey tools.

Everyone responds to surveys in the conventional way.

What’s a Poll?

A poll is a ‘hands up’ vote. You respond to or set up a proposal and the results update instantly. Polls won’t always tell you very much, so you can add survey questions if you like.

What’s a Conference?

A standard Web 2.0 way to chat and discuss – but with all the VX bells and whistles!

What’s a Board?

The way perfect way to share all digital information - from comments and file to videos – like Pinterest but with VX power!

How do I post an issue?

You sign in and use the left hand menu panel. Hit ‘post an issue’ then choose the response format you prefer.

What are ranking points?

You get points for setting up and responding to issues.

Posting or responding:

  • Forum: 1 pt
  • Poll: 2 pt
  • Survey (4 questions or less): 4 pts
  • Survey (more than 4 questions): 6 pts
  • Case: 25 pts

Here are the ranks and the points you need to get there:

  • Newbie: 0 – 99 pts
  • Apprentice: 100 – 399 pts
  • Thinker: 400 – 799 pts
  • Sage: 800 – 1599 pts
  • Oracle: 1600 – 4999 pts
  • The Boss: 5000 pts plus

Do I need anything special to use the Values Exchange?

No. You just need a browser, an internet connection, and an open mind. However, you will need to be a member of a subscribing institution, for example, a school or a University. If your institution does not subscribe to the Values Exchange then you may wish to encourage it to do so. Contact us for more information.

How do I make friends?

After you’ve created an account, you can search for friends from your site or the wider community.

Can I debate issues further once I have submitted my views?

All issues are open for debate once you have responded to them. Simply click the debate button on the Reports Dashboard.

Can I remain anonymous?

At the Values Exchange Community we encourage decision-making transparency. Openly sharing feelings and thoughts improves communication, understanding and tolerance. However, we respect everyone’s need for privacy so we have added the option of remaining anonymous. This function can be enabled from your Profile Page.

Still can't find an answer?

Feel free to contact us. We undertake to respond to all queries within 24 hours.