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The Values Exchange is an online network that helps everyone think deeply about social issues

Values Exchange gives everyone a real say about the issues that matter most. Search for topics, respond to those you find interesting - or create your own. Invite your friends to respond, or open your issue to the world.

Values Exchange is for deep thinking and constructive debate. Values Exchange helps us understand each other, solve conflict and overcome misunderstanding.

Every site can share issues and results with any other site - potentially creating a deep thinking network across the globe.

Values Exchange has all the familiar networking apps – but these merely complement the powerful thinking and reporting tools at its heart.

Roll over the mosaic to preview an issue, then choose to respond or carry on browsing. Or use the search bar to dig for issues beyond the mosaic.

You can post or respond in four ways: case, survey, poll and forum, depending on the depth of analysis you wish to achieve. Cases help you think the hardest, surveys are professional standard, polls give you a ‘quick hit’ and forums let you discuss the results constructively.

There is no limt to the amount of cases, surveys, polls and forums you can create and respond to.

There’s a point system in place, so the more you contribute, the higher your ranking becomes.

You can search for people with values like yours, and most issues have set themes so you can choose to network with like-minded people this way too. Being a member of Values Exchange Community allows you to explore your own feelings and thoughts, discover a whole range of different views, and compare your values with others.

The Values Exchange is a social network for thoughtful engagement with the world’s issues. We like to think of it as social networking with brains.