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Are violent video games changing our kids.

Are violent video games changing our kids.

Are video games war simulators. Are we shaping our children's future the right way. There have been many cases in this like Killing, suicide, and worse.
Parents are not stopping and explaining their kids how violent video games are bad. But some parents don't care so you can say that they are trashing their kids life and preparing them to kill and do at their will. But what can I say I play these games. But the top guns for this list is Call of duty also known as COD ("and no Mr fisher man not the COD you now"), Battlefield, Crisis , Assassins creed, Far cry, and worse of them all, that's my opinion is Grand Theft Auto. Like plane simulators teach our pilots to be professional pilots so what could war simulators do? What do you think of this? For more info click this link. listverse.com/2010/11/07/top-10-cases-of-extreme-game-addiction/
It is proposed that Violent Video games should be less violent, or be stopped.