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CULTURALLY COMPETENT? Weekly Values Snapshot

CULTURALLY COMPETENT? Weekly Values Snapshot

MRS SULEIMAN is a 70 year old woman who fractured her neck of femur due to osteoporosis. She has had surgery to replace her hip joint. She has been a patient on the ward where you work. Mrs Suleiman does not speak English very well. She is very family oriented and lives for her children and grandchildren. She loves to cook and can’t wait to get fit enough to go home. She is used to having her decisions made by her family, as a community. She is a widow.

AASHIF, 30, is Mrs Suleiman’s youngest son. He still lives in the family home, though his 3 brothers and 2 sisters have left home. He is fiercely protective of his mother and a devout Muslim. He is angry that a male physiotherapist and nurse are caring for his mother. He is insisting that the male health workers cease treating his mother. He is demanding the right to have his mother’s wishes respected and says he will call a solicitor if it does not stop.

What should you do for the best? Do you agree with the proposal below?

It is proposed that Mr Suleiman (the patient’s son) is informed that male health professionals will remain a part of the team caring for his mother

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