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By Moal
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Task 8 and 9

Task 8 and 9

 Identify one Legislation which maybe relevant to this scenario and give reason for your choice.

The legislation that I believe that relevance to scenario 2 is taken from the HEALTH PRACTITIONERS COMPETENCE ACT 2003, Part 1, Section 9, Certain activities restricted to particular health practitioners, subsection (4) it says, `No person may perform, or state or imply that he or she is willing to perform an activity that, by an Order in Council made under this section , is declared to be a restricted activity unless the person is a health practitioner who is permitted by his or her Scope Of Practice to perform that activity. It is clearly state in this act that I am not allow to perform as an interpretor if its not permitted by my Scope Of Practice. As I am there as a first year student nurse and I do not know much about lung functioning and lung cancer. By doing this activity as an interpretor, knowing that it is out of my Scope of practice, I am commited an offence, breaking the law and liable for a fine. As its state on Supsection (6), everyperson commits an offence punishable on conviction by a fine not exceeding $30,000 who contravenes subsection (4).

 Identify two Ethical Principles which may be relevant to this scenario and give a reason for your choice.

Two Ethical principals I have chosen in relevance to scenario 2 are Non-Maleficence and Fidelity. I chose Non-Maleficence(doing no harm), Avoidance of harm and the prevention of future harm. In a situation of where harm is unavoidable, the harm is minimised. By knowing that what they are asking me to do is out of my Code of Practice, and letting the doctor and the registered nurse know that it is out of my Code of Practice, I am avoiding harm that could happen if I interpret something wrong and could cause more problem to the patient. I could also prevent harm that may happen in the future, because at this situation harm is unprevendable  as maybe the doctor and registered nurse were not aware that what they ask for is out of my Code of Practice and if I myself did not know about it and do what they ask for, then all three of us are commited a crime. I also chose fidelity(faithfullness), The obligation to remain faiful to ones commitments to others. I chose this because knowing that the patient has the right to understand whats being explaining to him, therefore he has a right for a proper translator. The doctor and the registered nurse should be trueful and faithful to the patient and order a proper interpretor , they should also be faithful to the organisation and the Nursing Council by following their  code of practice and they should also be faithful to me by not putting me at that position.