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By Karen@dening.org
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Wishes and preferences for end of life care

Wishes and preferences for end of life care

UK policy indicates that we should all be developing advance care plans for end of life.  People with dementia are being encouraged to develop their ACP whilst they have capacity so at a point when they are considered to 'lack the capacity' to make such choices the ACP kicks in. 

There is a growing debate as to whether the wishes and preferences of the 'present self' (as in a person to dementia, prior to loss of capacity) takes precedence over the 'future self' (in dementia where capacity is lost). 

So in the case of Mr Z, who does not want any interventions when experiencing advanced dementia because he finds the thought of living with advanced dementia abhorrent. However, as he dements and lose's capacity, he experiences the condition with an observably high level of well being so when he develops a chest infection his ACP states he wants to refuse antibiotics in such a case. Family members want his ACP to be honoured but professionals feel it in his best interests to treat.

It is proposed that Should Mr Z's future self state of dementia and observed high level of well being, negate his previous selfs ACP?
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