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Alan November posted these questions on the First Five Days Theme Board. Here they are for everyone in survey format. (99 Respondents)


New Labour Party transport policies, which include plans to ban trucks from around 8 per cent of New Zealand's motorway network, have been met with a mix of praise and scepticism. Truck drivers said preventing them from using the outsid... more (255 Respondents)

'No queues, no paper, no inconvenience': NSW government wants to be like Apple

A huge fan of Apple and its customer service philosophy: Dominic Perrottet. Photo: James Alcock The NSW government has joined the tech race, committing to a 'digital transformation' to deliver an Apple-like customer experie... more (7 Respondents)

Lunch programme in our schools?

New Zealand children are sometimes provided breakfast at school through charity and business programmes. However, there is no lunch programme currently in schools. In his documentary, "Inside Child Poverty", Bryan Bruce visits Sweden an... more (120 Respondents)

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For example... (6 Respondents)


According to One News: "The "two Wongs" joke by Winston Peters is making headlines around the world. The New Zealand First leader is refusing to apologise for the joke about Chinese that has been labelled shameful and racist. During a speech on Sunday, Mr Peters t... more (65 Respondents)

Tony Abbott's sister opposes government's approval of Middle Head aged care

EXCLUSIVE 'There will be thousands of Sydneysiders disappointed with this decision': Jane Vincent on the Middle Head aged-care home plan. Photo: Matt Buchanan Abbott government approves aged-care proposal  One ... more (3 Respondents)

'Screenagers' - antisocial or essential?

Some people say that teenagers are becoming anti-social and that they should be called “screenagers” because they seem to be addicted to screens - whether it be phones, TV, or gaming etc. However, others say that this is the new reality ... more (30 Respondents)

Should the voting age be lowered to 17

The voting age is at 18 but the difference between 17 and 18 is little to no difference. (36 Respondents)

Do you enjoy school?

Are you enjoying school or any of the subject? And which subjects do you like, and which subjects do you hate? (19 Respondents)

Potatos are important (even though I cannot spell 'potatoes')

Potatos should have rights as we do they do not deserve to die to our mouths.... (39 Respondents)

Scottish Independence - Should Scotland become an independent country?

For the first time in recent history, a developed country is trying to gain independence from another. Today, as Scotland takes to the polls we will see the answer. Scotland have a rich and proud history, but they are part of one of the ... more (20 Respondents)

Tigers Will Become Extinct

Tigers have a decreasing population, over the past century 97% of the tiger population has been eliminated, this leaving a maximum of 3,200 tigers left in the world. So far some species of tigers have become extinct already. This was meant to warn people. But no one ... more (38 Respondents)

Microsoft bought Mojang. Does it suck?

Sadly Microsoft the computer company (and creator of Xbox) bought Mojang, the company that made Minecraft, WHICH SUCKS!!!!!! The reason it SUCKS is because they give Minecraft for Xbox get more special perks and stuff, and they may ruin ... more (10 Respondents)

Should the NZ government subsidise solar panels?

In Australia the government helps home owners to purchase solar panels that cost $6,000-$7,000 on average. Power generated by homes goes on to the national grid and after 6-7 years payments for power from solar panels meet the cost of pu... more (38 Respondents)